A NEW adventure in downtown Galena. Collect 5 gifts along Main Street as your team performs challenges & solves a grand puzzle. The full scoop:

For this scavenger hunt, you will be transported back in time to April 16th, 1861, the outbreak of the Civil War, where you'll play the role of Elihu Washburne, Washington D.C. congressman and Abraham Lincoln ally. In 1861, Elihu was just becoming fond of a Galena store clerk named Ulysses S. Grant. You & your team will solve clues as Elihu Washburne to help you find Ulysses S. Grant, and let him know the Civil War has started ! 

After learning about the war while in Galena, Illinois, Ulysses Grant departed Galena and went on to win the Civil War for the Union and then become president.

FIND Ulysses S. Grant in beautiful downtown Galena and win a grand prize.

~ A fun adventure created for Kids (13+ recommended) & Adults alike ~
How to play, game details, & more historical background below.

President Lincoln needs your help!
Find Ulysses S. Grant & help
win the Civil War...

When: 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Saturday & Sunday

Start Location: Next to the outdoor bust of Elihu Washburne in the small park on the north side of the building at 422 S. Main Street, Galena, Illinois. (start location pictured below where you'll meet your scavenger hunt host)

Price: $100 - Includes a Historic Galena backpack (to fill with goodies) and a clue sheet to start your adventure. We recommend one ticket for up to 4-6 players.

What’s Included:

 🔎 9 clues & challenges (pictured: top secret clue sheet you will receive upon booking & in person) to decode, to be completed at-your-own-pace in downtown Galena *At least 1 member on each team should bring a smartphone to take photos & find locations on a map

 🔎 Our Historic Galena backpack & 5 different gifts to collect along Main Street as you play the game !

 🥇 Also including a delicious snack & grand prize at the end of the scavenger hunt. Can you FIND Ulysses S. Grant ?!


Pictured below: one of Galena's historic local landmarks & scavenger hunt locations, the old post office. Built in 1857 from the finest limestone transported from 180 miles away, the Galena post office is the oldest continuously owned & operated post office in the United States.

Meet your Explore Galena Guide on the day of your Scavenger hunt in the small park next to 422 S. Main Street at noon. The Elihu Washburne bust is in the small park just North of the flood gates/Hwy 20. The Scavenger Hunt Calendar is just below to book your game.

Scavenger Hunt Calendar

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